How about Kenya?


Kipekee is Swahili and means unique. The name is program. We offer you unique luxury tours in East Africa with a personal service. 
When you plan your (first) safari in Africa you have so many options and destinations. Where to go? 

We would like to introduce Kenya in our first blog post.


It is in Kenya where the concept of safari was born with iconic parks such as the Maasai Mara and Amboseli. These safari destinations have long delighted visitors from far and wide. However the country has plenty of other aspects that make it an attractive destination. There are so many sights to see, wilderness to discover plus the warm and welcoming people.What makes Kenya such an attractive destination?


The Kenyans

Kenya is home to some of the friendliest and amazing people you will ever come across. Their hospitality is so palpable that you feel welcome from the minute you land at the airport and can rest be assured to feel at home among your hosts for the entire duration of your stay. Despite the challenges the people may be facing, their hearts are always open to outsiders.


The Kenyan weather

Although Kenya sits right in the middle of the equator, its high altitude especially where most of the major cities are situated means that the climate is mild year-round save for a few seasonal variations. Visitors are spared the extreme, blistering temperatures found in other regions of Africa. While the coastal  and  Lake Victoria temperatures remain steadily hot for most of the year, on the beach where most of the tourist hotels are located, the humidity is kept under wraps by the constant ocean breeze.


Kenyan culture

Kenya is a land of great diversity and culture. The country has about 42 ethnic groups each contributing to the country’s rich culture through their heritage, unique histories, lifestyles, language, religion, food and so much more. The biggest six tribes comprises about half the Kenya population and dominate the social and economic scene in the country. Interestingly most visitors to Kenya easily recognize the Maasai or Samburu though they are no not among the major ethnic groups. By resolutely clinging to their traditions, the Maasai and Samburu have remained  two of the most cohesive and culturally authentic ethnic tribes of Kenya.



With tourism being a major foreign exchange earner in Kenya, conservation is one of the major tenets in maintaining the country’s rich bio diversity. The country has a prominent institution in the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) specifically mandated to protect and preserve this precious heritage and oversees the over 65 protected areas specifically meant for wildlife.

Unesco world heritage site

 Kenya is the proud home to 6 unique world heritage sites: Fort Jesus in Mombasa, Old Town of Lamu, Mount Kenya Forest, The Sacred Forest in South Coast, The Great Rift Valley and Lake Turkana.